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Packing Information

Get Prepared for the Trip Accordingly

Make sure you have everything you need for a special needs vacation with Off The Beaten Path, Inc., Minnesota. It is important that all of your personal medicine is packed promptly. We let you know the steps you need to take to ensure you have everything you need for your vacation.

Medication Information

If any traveler self-administers medications, they must be able to do so without reminders and remember to bring them on outings independently. Off The Beaten Path, Inc., Minnesota will not be responsible for any self-medication errors. We are not responsible for any medication errors due to improper packaging and labeling, either.

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Medicine Administration

We request that all medications administered by our staff come prepackaged by date and time in medication envelopes. Envelopes must be clearly labeled with the correct name, date, time, and contents. Do not send PRN topical medications if they are not needed while on vacation. Please include an extra day's supply of medicines in case of emergencies. Many situations could delay our return.

If the traveler does not have sufficient medications for the trip and a possible delayed return, the consumers provider will be responsible to obtain additional medication at a pharmacy convenient to our location. If OTBP staff are to administer any medications, please hand-deliver these medications to a tour leader. Do not pack medications in the traveler's suitcase.

Medical Labeling Examples

Please use the diagram below as a guide for labeling. Medical envelopes (sometimes referred to as coin envelopes) may be purchased at most pharmacies or office supply stores. It is recommended that you purchase a travel insurance policy to safeguard against loss due to illness or any other events. Call for additional information about providing these services.

-Jane Doe

8 pm
100 mg dilantin (1 tab)
10 mg ciantm (1 tab)

-Jane Doe
12 noon
100 mg docusate (1 tab)

New Flying and Cruise Regulations

A valid, unexpired state-issued identification card is required for domestic air travel. A passport is required for cruises and all travel outside of the United States. Please be sure your forms are completed in full with the traveler's name as it appears on the state-issued identification card and passport, including the middle initial and date of birth.

What to Pack and Other Tips

We suggest each traveler pack one suitcase with wheels. Be sure to leave adequate room for souvenirs and laundry on the return trip home. The following are suggestions only:

• A minimum of $30 to $35 per day for spending money (please do not send pre-paid credit cards, debit cards, or traveler's checks).
• A complete change of clothing per day.
• Sweater, sweatshirt, jacket, pajamas, and swimsuit.
• Wallet, purse, or fanny pack.
• Tennis shoes or good walking shoes.
• Personal items (toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, comb, deodorant, soap, razor, sunscreen, sanitary napkins, Depends, etc.).

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Notice About Luggage

Any luggage weighing over 50 pounds will be surcharged by the airline. The added costs charged by the airline for overweight/oversized luggage are the responsibility of the traveler. We require that each person purchase additional luggage if everything does not fit in the original case. All flying vacations include one free checked bag. There will be additional charges for a second checked bag.

What Not to Pack

There are a few items that are completely unnecessary for the trip. The following are common items that we suggest you avoid bringing:

• Coolers (Unless Needed for Insulin, Etc.)
• Large Radios (Walkmans Are Acceptable)
• Towels
• Sleeping Bags
• Pillows