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Ensure your next vacation destination is filled with fun when you turn to Off The Beaten Path, Inc., Minnesota. Capable, qualified leaders supervise our vacations, but we also believe in providing our travelers with as much independence as possible. All group leaders are full- or part-time paid employees with multiple years of experience working with travelers who have special needs. They are trained in CPR and First Aid to ensure the safety of all travelers.

*Please note that a passport is now required for all travel outside of the United States, including cruise travel.

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Tourist Guides

We provide 1:4, 1:5, and 1:6 tour-guide-to-traveler ratios to ensure maximum traveler input, which encourages group choice-making. Complete information regarding tour-guide-to-traveler information may be found on the participant contract.

Transport Vehicles

For the safety of our vacationers, our 15-passenger vans are DOT certified and inspected annually. Our drivers have passed the DOT physical and carry the medical examiner's certificate in addition to their current driver's license.

Reservation Policies

Reservations may be made by telephone or by sending in the Reservations Policies and Contract and the Emergency Care Authorization forms, along with the required deposit or, if you prefer, you may make your payment in full. All required information must be provided on each form.

If the reservation is made by telephone, the forms and required deposit (or full payment) must be received within 10 days. Register four individuals for a vacation to be eligible to participate as a volunteer with all necessary expenses paid. Some restrictions apply, so please call for additional details.

Getting Prepared

To best plan your vacation, we suggest making your reservations with as much advanced notice as possible. We prefer 30 days' notice for driving trips and 45 days' notice for flying trips. We need to have completed forms and full payment (unless arrangements have been made for a trip payment plan) prior to the departure date.

For a driving vacation, if the forms and payment have not been received 30 days before the vacation departure date, a $50 handling fee will be added. If the forms and payment have not been received 45 days before a flying vacation, a $75 handling fee will be added. If the required paperwork and payment are not received in our office promptly, you will be notified of a deadline date. If we have not received the necessary information by the deadline date, the vacation will be canceled and no refund will be issued.


Depending on logistics, some vacations require pickup one day before departure. The lodging and supervision charge is $120 for double-occupancy and $135 for single-occupancy. If you need in-room staff supervision, please call us for details. To share a room, we require written consent for any unmarried couples who are not their own guardians. Motels are used as accommodations unless otherwise specified.


Vacation prices include all meals, lodging, entrance fees, supervision, and transportation from the point of departure. See the Reservations Policies and Contract form for more details. We suggest that you bring $30 to $35 in cash per day for souvenirs, snacks, and other amenities. Please do not bring traveler's checks, pre-paid credit cards, or debit cards. This amount may vary due to the resources and each person's spending habits.

About Traveling With Others

We do require travelers to be free of aggression. If anyone becomes unmanageable while on the vacation tour, the traveler, residential provider, social worker, and guardian will be responsible for any costs incurred. For more information on this matter, refer to the Reservations Policies and Contract.


Off the Beaten Path accepts payment plans for our travelers who are unable to pay for the entire vacation before departure. The traveler is, however, required to pay 50% of the total cost before departure. The balance owed is interest-free for six months, after which time a 1% monthly charge will apply until the balance is paid in full. Insurance is only available for vacations that are paid in full.